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What’s on display

With thousands of products on display in one location, it’s easy to compare and find what’s right for you


Caravans come in many shapes, sizes and designs. They can be compact enough to be towed behind a small car or they can be a luxurious palace-on-wheels.


There are many different styles available which can be anything from 3 metres to 10 metres long.


They are fitted out with many of the comforts of home. Choose a layout and design that suits your lifestyle and personalise your caravan with a range of different interiors.


Touring in a caravan is a dream come true for many travellers.


A benefit of owning a campervan is its flexibility for year round use, doubling as a vehicle for transport while at home.


Campervans can accommodate a couple or a whole family comfortably. Often the roof is raised higher for easier standing and mobility. Cupboards are installed along with a central table, seating and beds. Standard equipment – as in all caravans – includes water tank, stove and refrigerator.


Motorhomes are made for year round travel. They have all the facilities you need for your next getaway, including toilets, showers, air conditioners, fully equipped kitchens and some even come with a washing machine.

Slide-On Campers

Slide-on campers are designed to turn your everyday ute into a recreational vehicle.


They come in many different sizes and configurations and are designed to fit on most 2 or 4 wheel drive, on tray, single, extra or dual cab utes.


Slide-on campers give the added benefit of being able to tow while travelling.

Camper & Tent Trailers

Camper trailers and tent trailers are perfect for young families, couples or active retirees seeking adventure.


There is a range of styles available including off-road and on-road varieties, hard or soft floors, some with simple living quarters and some with extended kitchen and dining facilities.


They are compact and tow smoothly behind almost any vehicle, are easy to handle and setup and don’t take too much space to store.


A camper or tent trailer is an economical and practical way to travel.


Tents come in all shapes and sizes and you’ll find a range of tents on display from those perfect for two people up to luxury family size.


Today’s tents provide the convenience of being lightweight and easy to pitch and dismantle.


Tents have the benefit of being compact, so that a tent large enough to fit the entire family can be neatly folded and placed in the boot of your car.


Come and see a vast range of accessories from the essential through to the more unique.


Discover products that make travelling even more comfortable, convenient and hassle-free.


You’ll be sure to find accessories to suit any need or travel style.

Holiday Parks

Holiday Parks are a great way to experience the best of what NSW has to offer. They have a range of facilities to suit all travellers and they are located in or near some of the most amazing and pristine natural environments.


Luxury cabins, glamping and safari-style tents, powered sites for your RV and camp sites to pitch your tents. Well equipped camp kitchens and bathroom facilities, state of the art water parks and swimming pools, kids clubs and cafes – are all part of the holiday park experience.